Thanks to recent Kawasaki innovations, our hydraulic pumps now deliver a significant improvement in energy efficiency, making them the most effective on the market.

Our total systems engineering has made us leaders in this advancing and demanding sector. Owners of today’s industrial machines need control, durability and reliability, wherever their machines are working. Our advanced hydraulic technology not only boosts control and efficiency but also lowers noise and maximises uptime – essential for 24/7 operations.

HPB Motors – High Power Fixed Displacement

Our Staffa HPB radial piston motors have increased speed and power ratings compared to the original Staffa HMB motor.  The Staffa HPB range allows our customers to increase their machine productivity, whilst providing the proven reliability of a Staffa motor.

The Staffa HPB radial piston motor is the perfect fixed displacement motor for the most demanding of industrial applications.

> Higher power density = more compact machinery
> Higher speed rating = user productivity gains
> Market-leading reliability = less down time
> No flushing circuit = less machine cost


K3VR/K3VL Eco Servo System

The K3VR/K3VL Eco Servo electro-hydraulic hybrid system is particularly suitable for use in industrial applications. It allows the speed of the hydraulic pump to be controlled through the use of an electric motor, depending on the power required. This leads to high efficiency, increased energy savings and improved controllability.

The Eco Servo covers a wide range of displacements, making the most of the high performance hydraulic pumps with the capacity of high pressure, low fluctuation and high efficiency.


The K3VG series are swash-plate type axial piston pumps which give excellent performance in high flow industrial applications in a compact and cost-effective package.

> 63 to 280cc displacements available
> 350 bar continuous pressure rating
> Common suction port
> Extensive range of highly responsive control options


The K7VG series of high-pressure swash plate type pumps was developed for general industrial machinery use. The adoption of the high-load bearings and friction-free contacting mechanism of piston shoes, results in a high level of reliability and long life.

> 180 and 265cc displacements
> 350 bar continuous pressure rating
> Long bearing life
> ISO Mount and Shaft
> Optional through-drive
> Highly responsive controls


The K3V/K5V/K7V pump range has been specifically designed to meet the demands of hydraulic excavators and other mobile machinery. The introduction of the K7V offers a step change in hydraulic pump efficiency.

> 63 to 212cc displacements available
> 350 bar continuous pressure rating
> Single, tandem and parallel versions
> Wide range of power, pressure and displacement controls available.


The K3VL series swash plate type axial piston pumps are designed to satisfy a variety of construction and off-highway applications where a medium to high pressure variable displacement pump is required.

> 28 to 200cc displacements
> 320 bar continuous pressure rating
> Load sensing, torque limiting and electronic displacement control
> Integral impellor pump available on 200cc unit
> *NEW* ATEX option now available!



The M3X and M3B series are swash plate type axial piston motors in fixed (M3X) and variable (M3B) displacement versions. They are used extensively in mobile crusher drives, cranes and drill rigs.

> 200, 280, 530 and 800cc displacements
> 300 bar continuous pressure rating
> Constant horsepower control option
> Available with parking brake

HMC Motors – Dual Displacement

The HMC series variable displacement models have two pre-set displacements which can be chosen
from a wide range to suit specific application requirements. These motors are also available in a
continuously variable version using either hydro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic control methods.

> 492 to 5,326cc displacements in 7 frame sizes
> 250 bar continuous pressure rating
> Dynamic displacement change under load
> Freewheel option available
> Constant horsepower control option

HMB Motors – Fixed Displacement

Our fixed displacement Staffa HMB radial piston motors have a rugged, reliable and proven design that incorporates high efficiency with good breakout torque and smooth running capability.

> 188 to 8,000cc displacements in 11 frame sizes.
> 250 bar continuous pressure rating.
> 300 bar intermittent pressure.
> High volumetric and mechanical efficiency.
> Unique hydrostatic balancing provides minimum wear and extended life.