Staffa Radial Piston Motors

All Kawasaki Staffa radial piston motors are manufactured to the highest standards at our advanced manufacturing facility in Plymouth, United Kingdom. We continue to invest in the latest production technologies to ensure that the Staffa range of radial piston motors continues to be the market leader in terms of quality, reliability, power and efficiency.

HPB Motors – High Power Single Displacement

Our Staffa HPB radial piston motors have increased speed and power ratings compared to the original Staffa HMB motor.  The Staffa HPB range allows our customers to increase their machine productivity, whilst providing the proven reliability of a Staffa motor.

The Staffa HPB radial piston motor is the perfect fixed displacement motor for the most demanding of industrial applications.

  • Higher power density = more compact machinery
  • Higher speed rating = user productivity gains
  • Market-leading reliability = less down time
  • No flushing circuit = less machine cost

For installation drawings, 3D models and spares drawings, please refer to the documents listed under HMB or contact us:

HMB Motors – Single Displacement

Our fixed displacement Staffa HMB radial piston motors have a rugged, reliable and proven design that incorporates high efficiency with good breakout torque and smooth running capability.


  • 188 to 8,000cc displacements in 11 frame sizes.
  •  250 bar continuous pressure rating.
  •  300 bar intermittent pressure.
  •  High volumetric and mechanical efficiency.
  •  Unique hydrostatic balancing provides minimum wear and extended life.

HPC Motors – High Power Dual Displacement

The enhanced variable displacement HPC models include special low friction components, combined with crankcase flushing flow, to achieve increased shaft power. It is used around the world in marine and offshore winch applications and is known for its efficiency and reliability.

  •  1,344 to 6,555cc displacements in 6 frame sizes.
  • 250 bar continuous pressure rating.
  •  Dynamic displacement change under load
  •  Freewheel option available.
  •  Constant horsepower control option.

HMC Motors – Dual Displacement

The HMC series variable displacement models have two pre-set displacements which can be chosen
from a wide range to suit specific application requirements. These motors are also available in a
continuously variable version using either hydro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic control methods.

  • 492 to 5,326cc displacements in 7 frame sizes
  • 250 bar continuous pressure rating
  • Dynamic displacement change under load
  • Freewheel option available
  •  Constant horsepower control option

HMF Motors – Triple Displacement

Our HMF radial piston motors have three pre-set displacements which can be selected from a wide range to suit specific application requirements. The motor was originally designed to allow 2 standard operating modes, and a 3rd ‘freewheel mode’ in case of emergency release – but the HMF series can equally just be used as a 3 speed motor.  The motor displacement can be changed with ease while the motor is running and under load.

  •  3 displacement modes
  •  1,475 to 5,326 cc displacements in 4 frame sizes.
  •  Freewheel option available
  •  Dynamic displacement change
  •  Speed sensing options

HPC400 Motor- High Power Quad Displacement

Based on the high power dual displacement HPC range of motors; the HPC400 has two eccentric drums which can be independently moved between high and low displacement – therefore offering customers 4 operating speeds.  As with all Staffa motors the HPC400 offers high starting torque, smooth operation at low speeds and unrivalled reliability.

  • Max. continuous power of 430 kW
  • 250 bar continuous pressure rating
  • Dynamic displacement change under load
  • Freewheel Option available
  • Rated Torque of 25,000 Nm