The benefits of using genuine hydraulic components

The benefits of using genuine hydraulic components_img

Machine maintenance is an important consideration for machine owners and operators. If replacement parts are required, it may be tempting to use non-genuine or copy components to reduce the cost. However, there are many benefits to using genuine spare parts which justify investing in the right replacement parts for your machine. 


When purchasing genuine components, you can be confident that your hydraulic system will be reliable and durable in even the toughest applications. These components will be of a high standard set by the manufacturer and this is usually supported by a product warranty.

After sales support comes with all genuine components as standard. This gives the customer further assurance of the reliability of the manufacturer.

Copy products are rarely offered with after sales support. In addition, if copy products are used instead of genuine spare parts, the machine manufacturer is unlikely to support any machine failures as a result of those components.

Reduced downtime

Copy parts are usually cheaper to buy than genuine products in the short term. However, these copy parts tend to fail or breakdown more frequently and unexpectedly, due to their lack of quality. This may cost more in the long term because of increased down time of the machine.

Genuine products are less likely to fail frequently, which means less downtime and less expense for the customer.

Manufacturing expertise  

Although a copy product may look identical to a genuine part, it is unlikely that it will match the high performance. Genuine hydraulic components have been created using industry leading manufacturing techniques, which are difficult to imitate.

For example, Kawasaki’s new closed circuit components are manufactured using specifically developed materials and techniques to enable them to give high performance, whilst also reducing fuel consumption. This is almost impossible for competitors to copy as they will not have invested in the research and development necessary to achieve such high performance.

The design of a product will also develop and change over time so that improvements can be made. Copy products will not have followed this evolution, and the manufacturers will not understand why the product has been designed in this way way and the best manufacturing processes to achieve the end result.  

Kawasaki Genuine Spare Parts

To address the problem of non-genuine and copy products, Kawasaki have made it easier to identify a genuine Kawasaki spare part through their Genuine Parts Authentication tool. All mobile spare parts now come with a Kawasaki holographic label with a grey scratch-off panel, under which the unique authentication code is revealed.

Genuine Kawasaki spare parts can only be purchased through our official distributors.