Pump efficiency means fuel savings

Pump efficiency means fuel savings_img

Kawasaki has recently launched the K8V axial piston pump series, designed for closed circuit applications in industrial and construction machinery. The optimised design contributes to reducing fuel consumption due to the high pump efficiency, whilst ensuring a comfortable operator environment due to the low noise level.

The new K8V series offers the best pump efficiency on the market. This is the result of Kawasaki’s world-class research and development in high efficiency technology, combined with their years of experience in designing and manufacturing hydraulic components.

The K8V pumps feature a mechanical position feedback which allows flow rate to be precisely controlled for optimum performance. Necessary functions for closed circuits, such as charge pump, relief valves and cut-off valve can be integrated. Kawasaki also offer a high response option, for the K8V125 only, for use in applications such as concrete pumps. 

Kawasaki are currently offering the K8V pump in two sizes: K8V90 (90cc/rev) and K8V125 (130cc/rev), and a third size, K8V71, is already being developed. The operating pressure range for these pumps is 400/450 bar (Rated/Peak).

This new Kawasaki offering proves that they are committed to developing new products that deliver solutions to customers whilst maintaining their key themes: reliability and controllability.