Kawasaki’s Pilot Controllers

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Kawasaki’s range of pilot controllers offer unparalleled controllability, superior operator feel and high reliability. Available for hydraulic pilot control with our PV range, or electronic control with our ERU range they are suitable for a wide variety of industrial vehicles. 

PV Series

Our PV series valves are pressure-reducing type pilot valves that allow operators to simultaneously control spools of multiple control valves, as well as the tilting angle of variable displacement pumps. The operational torque can be reduced to meet your requirements (Patent registered), while the small operating force enables precise control, reduced pressure drop and quick response.
Features include:

  • Joystick, foot pedal, dual and single axis version available
  • Wide variety of handle options including potentiometer with integral amplifier
  • FNR function for transmission control
  • Integral damping feature on foot pedal type.

ERU Series

The ERU Series is a Kawasaki designed electric control unit perfectly suited to electric control systems for mobile applications. By using a non-contact type potentiometer, the ERU series delivers high reliability with reduced friction.
Features include:

  • Dual and single axis versions available
  • High reliability and reduced friction
  • Electromagnetic noise-proof construction
  • Can be used in a variety of demanding applications due to its ability to withstand harsh operating conditions. (Operating temperature range : -40~75℃)

As global leaders in hydraulics and precision machinery, we are constantly innovating, diversifying and improving our products. Harnessing the latest in hydraulic and electrohydraulic technology, we are constantly finding new ways to give our customers greater efficiency and controllability to make them more competitive. And our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that their hydraulic components and systems are based on the experience of the whole Kawasaki Group.

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