Kawasaki at Agritechnica 2017!

Kawasaki at Agritechnica 2017!_img

Kawasaki will be exhibiting at Agritechnica 2017, highlighting our range of products for the agricultural market. At our first show in 2015, Kawasaki launched the K3VLS axial piston pump, and after the success of this product launch, the range has now been extended to include more frame sizes. This year Kawasaki will also exhibit HST products and various control valves which are applicable to a variety of agricultural and forestry machinery. 

K3VLS Pump

Kawasaki already has an excellent reputation in the construction industry, manufacturing components for use on excavators and other construction machinery for over 50 years. This expertise has been built on to produce hydraulic components that can be used in other applications, including agricultural machinery. The first of these components to be designed for use in other applications was the K3VLS. This axial piston pump demonstrates improved fuel efficiency across the full operating range. This is achieved through Kawasaki’s extensive research and development into fluid modelling and computational fluid dynamics, as well as experimental analysis in evaluation tests.

The K3VLS range of pumps were launched at Agritechnica 2015, initially in frame sizes 65, 85 and 105cc/rev. A further 3 frame sizes, 50, 125 and 150cc/rev were then launched in 2017.

The maximum operating pressure of the K3VLS series is 280 bar for all sizes, and the peak pressure rating is 350 bar. The pumps have SAE mounting flanges and splined shafts and are available with various through-drive options.

HST Range

Kawasaki have also developed a range of HST components which can be used in agricultural and forestry applications. These are the K8V closed loop axial piston pump, the M7V swash plate type axial piston motor and the KC-FS electronic controller.

The K8V swash plate type axial piston pump (available in 71cc/rev, 90cc/rev and 125cc/rev) boasts high efficiency across the entire operating range, as well as long service life, low noise and precise flow control. In developing the K8V series Kawasaki was able to draw upon the expertise of the Kawasaki technical institute in Akashi Japan where experts in computational fluid dynamics and fluid flow optimisation work on projects for Kawasaki’s aerospace, gas turbine and motorcycle businesses.

The M7V range of variable displacement swash plate axial piston motors is available in 85 cc/rev, 112 cc/rev and 160 cc/rev sizes and incorporates Kawasaki’s entire know-how on low-speed performance cultivated through the development of swash plate type motors for construction machinery. The M7V motor’s high speed capability matches that of a bent axis motor but has a swash plate design.

To complete the range, Kawasaki has now introduced a dedicated electronic control unit to the HST product range, designed to control the Kawasaki HST components with optimum system efficiency. The KC-FS controller automatically adjusts component control to match the application conditions, to achieve high fuel economy.

These products are just some of the ones which will be on show at Agritechnica (12th-18th November). If you’d like to discuss our product range with one of our sales team at the show, please email us to arrange a meeting.