Rough Terrain Cranes

rough terrain kawasaki kpm machinery hydraulic


The KDRDE5K and KWE5K series valves are proportional pressure-reducing and directional control valves of cartridge type. Available in 12 and 24 VDC versions, they can be used in combination to provide various compact control solutions for agricultural and mobile machinery.

> 90 bar supply pressure
> 10 l/min and 16 l/min flow rates
> Common cavity for KDRDE5K and KWE5K
> Excellent hysteresis


The KLSV is a series of flow-sharing, load-sensing main control valves for multifunction construction machinery. Their low hysteresis and excellent pressure drop characteristics provide superior performance and efficiency.

> Post-compensated, flow-sharing design
> Hydraulic pilot and electro-hydraulic actuation
> 400 bar continuous pressure rating
> Special versions for wheel loaders, midi excavators and skid steer loaders
> Three sizes with sectional flow rates of 180, 250 and 400 l/min

PV/ERU Hydraulic and Electronic Controls

Kawasaki’s range of pilot controllers offer unparalleled controllability and superior operator feel. Available for hydraulics pilot control in the PV range, or electronics control in the ERU range they are suitable for a wide variety of industrial vehicles.

> Joystick, foot pedal, dual and single axis versions available
> Wide variety of handle options including potentiometer with integral amplifier
> FNR function for transmission control
> Integral damping feature on foot pedal type
> PWM and CanBus ERU versions available


The K3V/K5V/K7V pump range has been specifically designed to meet the demands of hydraulic excavators and other mobile machinery. The introduction of the K7V offers a step change in hydraulic pump efficiency.

> 63 to 212cc displacements available
> 350 bar continuous pressure rating
> Single, tandem and parallel versions
> Wide range of power, pressure and displacement controls available.


Kawasaki’s new medium duty pump, the K3VLS, has been developed for machines and equipment that use a load sensing control system and/or electric displacement control systems. Its launch follows extensive research and development as our engineers combined efficiency with simplicity to deliver the most technologically advanced pump on the market.

> 50, 65, 85, 105, 125 & 150cc displacements
> 280 bar continuous pressure rating
> 350 bar maximum pressure rating
> Load sensing, torque limiting, power shift and electronic displacement controls


The K3VL series swash plate type axial piston pumps are designed to satisfy a variety of construction and off-highway applications where a medium to high pressure variable displacement pump is required.

> 28 to 200cc displacements
> 320 bar continuous pressure rating
> Load sensing, torque limiting and electronic displacement control
> Integral impellor pump available on 200cc unit
> *NEW* ATEX option now available!



The M7V series is a high speed variable displacement swash plate type axial piston motor. It is suitable for use in hydrostatic transmissions, drill rigs and crane winch systems.

> 85, 112 and 160cc displacements
> 400 bar continuous pressure rating
> Electronic and hydraulic displacement control
> Fixed displacement version available


The M3X and M3B series are swash plate type axial piston motors in fixed (M3X) and variable (M3B) displacement versions. They are used extensively in mobile crusher drives, cranes and drill rigs.

> 200, 280, 530 and 800cc displacements
> 300 bar continuous pressure rating
> Constant horsepower control option
> Available with parking brake


The M5X series is an extremely compact fixed displacement swash plate type axial piston motor with built-in parking brake designed for the swing function of excavators, cranes and other construction machinery.

> 80, 130, 180 and 250cc displacements
> 330 bar continuous pressure rating
> Built in anti-shock and deceleration valves
> Available with Kawasaki swing drive gearbox