Test Rig Support Technician

Department: Manufacturing

Reporting to: Production Engineer Manager

Date: July 2022


The Test Rig Support Technician will be responsible for (motor and pump production test rig development supporting the Test Rig Support Group Leader. He/she will work closely with our Test Rig development Engineer to ensure the test rig interfaces are adequately supported and ensure test rig condition is in line with the developed standard.

  1. Fault diagnosis and repairs on electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic systems.
  2. To attend courses and toolbox talks where required
  3. Record all activities on CMMS
  4. Ensuring all work performed is in compliance with all aspects of the Health & Safety at Work legislation and the company Health & Safety policy
  5. Prioritise workload to ensure prompt response to breakdowns and completion of PPM to schedule.


  • To carry out and record routine oil cleanliness checks on all production test rigs to within company procedures.
  • To maintain test rig oil cleanliness filter systems to reduce cost and improve overall test rig operational efficiency.
  • To maintain the system for verifying that test rig oil performance remains within an acceptable standard by using such measurements as TAN and water content.
  • To carry out routine calibration of all production test rig instrumentation to within company procedures.
  • To work within the 5s standards and carry out activities to ensure that the cleanliness and orderliness of the test rigs are maintained at all times.
  • To maintain internal calibration dates.
  • To maintain a list of critical spares for all rigs identifying the downtime in the event of failure.
  • To maintain the fitting and hose life register ensuring all fittings/hoses are logged and are changed in accordance with the life requirements.
  • To work to the TPM schedule. This will include hydraulic, electric and cooling water systems.
  • To monitor the oil consumption of each test rig and record the improvements achieved through the 5s activities.   

Job Accountabilities – Key Performance Indicators:

IndicatorExplanationYou are seeking to…
Filter usage Work with local operators to support training (Filter change, problem solving) Maintain records and highlight trends.  
Oil contamination level Maintain within company standards
Oil usage Maintain records and highlight trends.
Calibration errors Remain within company standard tolerance limits
Torque transducer calibration Complete all calibration activity within the set period.
Rig external leakage Maintain records and highlight trends.
TPM Process  Aim: to transfer the TPM activities to the operator/Production Team where applicable.Support the TPM Process with specialist knowledge in the areas of: 
Detecting and tightening loose fittings
Detecting and replacing worn items
Detecting and adjusting badly set items
Analysing root cause of rig failures
Replacing damaged items
Failure prediction
Gathering data
Identifying improvements and raising to your immediate supervisor.  
Project & Development activity Support development projects relating to test rig activities.