Team Leader

Department: Production

Reporting to: Production Manager

Date: September 2021

Grade: H


As a 1st line Manager, a team leader is expected to take full managerial responsibility for their shift of personnel and the designated area they are responsible for. In accordance with the company objectives – Safety, quality, and profitability, which form the KPI’s of this job role. A team leader is expected to align his/her work and day to day activities linking them directly in to the measurable KPI’s that the company has set out.

Duties & Responsibilities

Staff Management

The size of the team and area of responsibility for a Team Leader will depend upon the area being managed and related volumes so will not be fixed at any time. The Team Leader will have cell leaders directly reporting to them which will provide part of the support network and help support KPI adherence.


The job holder is responsible and accountable for Company procedures as set out in the Quality Procedure Index.

Company Requirements. (Not limited to):

  • Ensure compliance with the company health and safety policies and procedures – Including: Risk assessments, safety audits, PPE adherence, incident and accident reporting in accordance with set time frames.
  • Ensure compliance with the company quality standards and procedures – Set up verification, dimensional check sheets, scrap and route cause analysis, drive and manage scrap reduction initiatives in line with the company KPI.
  • Daily output vs plan – Manage, review, initiate recovery plan as required and continuously target improvements.
  • Productivity by area – Manage, review, drive improvements in line with the company KPI.
  • Manning calculations and justification in line with volume requirements – Standard hours required.
  • Arrange/ensure personnel within area of responsible have received the required training prior to undertaking their duties. No task should be undertaken without the correct training and sign off.
  • HR activities: Recruitment & selection of staff, carry out and complete appraisals, reviews, investigatory and disciplinary hearings
  • OEE short interval schedule review of and action to be taken where required for failure to meet target.
  • Improve and sustain continuous improvement initiatives in line with the 5’s standard and maintain the disciplines and adherence to within the areas of responsibility.
  • Ensure that compliance with shift patterns, break and lunch times is adhered to by all respective personnel directly reporting to the Team Leader.

Authority Levels

The job holder has the authority to: (But not limited to)

  • Undertake a lead on recruitment, undertake interviews, request formal job offers to be made (Aligning to headcount requirements within the area of responsibility)
  • Undertake investigatory meetings.
  • Chair and undertake disciplinary hearings in line with the company policy/procedure.
  • Enact the ‘stop/go’ policy
  • Organise on/off the job training.

Other Relevant Information

  • Shiftly tool box talk – H&S, quality and adherence to plan
  • Shiftly performance review, target recovery and communicate the expectation
  • Ensure training is undertaken and operator competence is demonstrated prior to working alone.
  • The job holder will be trained to ILM Level 5, IOSH Managing Safely as a minimum but not limited to. Additional training opportunity – 6 sigma, Core tools, Covey 7 Habits.

Key Contacts / Relationships

The Team Leader is expected to forge strong working relationships with all internal key stakeholders within the business.