Production Manager





Reporting To:

Senior Manager -Manufacturing


May 2021


The purpose of the Production Manager role is to take responsibility of operational management of Pumps/Motors machining and assembly. This role directly manages the Supervision in accordance with KPM’s company framework of Safety, quality and productivity embedding the charter (Values and Behaviours; Plan, Learn, Empower, Respect, Commit) to enhance overall effectiveness and to meet the company overall strategic objectives. This role directly reports to the Senior Manager – Manufacturing

Duties & Responsibilities

Staff Management:

All production Team Leaders working across three shifts inclusive of night shift. Team Leaders for manufacturing will all report directly to the Production Manager.


The Production Manager is responsible and accountable so must ensure compliance with all procedures directly linked to manufacturing – Machining, Assembly and not limited to any one area. The Production Manager is responsible for review and compliance with procedures set and will be expected to be actively involved with updating to ensure relevance and accuracy.

Company Requirements

  • Running your designated area: Pumps:Motors assembly and machining.
  • Plan manpower requirements in order to achieve production targets in compliance with the production plan;
  • Ensure production targets and the production plan are clear and communicated to team leaders on a daily basis;
  • Ensure the area in your scope of responsibility is run in accordance with the Company production engineering, safety, health and environmental standards, quality standards and all associated procedures;
  • Ensure the application of lean manufacturing techniques within your designated area of responsibility utilising cross functional support to optimise manufacturing capabilities.
  • Responsible for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and the component parts of OEE;
  • Managing the analysis and reduction of set up/changeover times using SMED techniques in order to demonstrate continuous improvements in productivity; Cross functional approach.
  • Analysis and improvement of process times.
  • Management and improvement of planned preventative maintenance routines;
  • Ensure the team leaders comply with regular maintenance routines;
  • Identify variances to production targets, for example: quality issues, breakdowns, people performance. Take any appropriate remedial action necessary and report to the Senior Manager of Manufacturing;
  • Ensure materials are available to work within your area of responsibility;
  • Identify training needs; organise training where appropriate;
  • Ensure you and your team leaders enforce compliance with shift patterns, break and lunch times.
  • Key seat attendee for Strategy deployment. Attend cross functional review meetings and manage A3’s aligned to the Mother Strategy targeting improvements within areas of focus.
  • Responsible and accountable for direct KPI’s linked to manufacturing, including but not limited to: Cost of non-conformance, Productivity and test failures.
  • The production Manager will be expected to build cross functional relationships as this is core to the effectiveness of this role.
  • Complete regular tool box meetings with all reporting supervisors.
  • Deliver/cascade operational monthly Team Brief.
  • Key seat attendee for daily production meetings.
  • Key seat attendee for Health and Safety monthly committee meeting.
  • Key seat attendee for sales and operational planning meeting.
  • Key seat attendee for daily cross functional road-block meeting.


Entrust team leaders with the responsibility, authority and accountability for production, quality, maintenance routines, health and safety and environmental activates.


  • Problem Solving – Coordinating a cross functional approach to with intent to arrive at the conclusions necessary for team leaders to act effectively;
  • Motivating – Inspiring, encouraging and impelling team leaders to take the actions required to ensure good performance;
  • Job Instructions – Helping team leaders to improve their knowledge, attitudes and skills.

Controlling Activities

  • Observing – Recording and reporting actual performance and results obtained;
  • Identifying Variances and Exceptions – Analysing results in relation to operational standards and targets;
  • Responding to Unacceptable Work – Correct inadequate performance whilst maintaining motivation and commitment;
  • Responding to Acceptable Work – Giving credit to improve motivation and encourage team leaders to strive even further.

Other Relevant Information

The Production Manager will be expected to maintain good relations internally and cross functionally but also build relationships with external suppliers and customers.

There will be occasions of travel required – Possibly oversees, this maybe to visit suppliers, customers, attend training and or exhibitions but not to be limited to.

The Production Manager will have a professional background in operational management that will include but not limited to: Management of large teams inclusive of Supervisors and possess Leadership professional qualifications with a demonstrative background in people and performance development/management.

The Production Manager will have demonstrative experience of Lean Manufacturing principles and evidence of successful implementation.