Assembly Craftsperson

Department: Production

Reports to: Assembly Team Leader

Date: February 2018

Grade: 5


The Assembly Craftsperson will be expected to:

  • be fully knowledgeable of their respective products (motors or pumps) and areas (assembly or test and paint).
  • have an understanding of all aspects of the assembly process outside of their designated area.
  • be responsible for the internal “hands on” training of other assemblers and liase with the Team Leader to arrange all other necessary external training within those designated areas in order to produce quality units in a safe manner whilst enhancing the company’s productivity.
  • support the completion of NPI work and work with the PED department for the completion of the relevant units.
  • be proactive in helping the team in solving problems and trouble shooting,  escalating to the appropriate support department if required.

Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Be trained and fully competent in their area of expertise and knowledgeable of the assembly process as a whole for their designated area.
  • Responsible for the completion of all line side paperwork within your area of work including but not limited to, OMC, SPC, OEE and TPM.
  • Responsible for training new and existing operators to ensure they are safe and competent to do their job, as set out in the company requirements below, included but not limited to Risk Assessments, SOP’s, OMC etc.
  • Responsible for conditional monitoring of tooling and highlight to Production Engineer when replacements are required or when potential improvements could be made.
  • Problem solve process issues and communicate/work with PED.
  • Achieve production targets.
  • Communicate breakdowns or process abnormalities to supervision and maintenance, log breakdowns and issues on the Pirana system
  • Maintain good standards of house-keeping within your area of work.
  • Observe and comply with all Company health, safety, quality and environmental standards;
  • Adhere to your shift pattern and break and lunch times.
  • Always ensure you have read and are signed off against the Risk Assessment for your area of work
  • Be the initial “Go To” person for any process based technical issues for all assemblers working within your area of expertise  


  • Assemble units, test and/or paint in accordance with the Company’s health and safety, production engineering and quality procedures;
  • Perform frequency checks in accordance with the Company’s production engineering and quality procedures;
  • Complete daily short interval scheduling sheets. Complete (OMC) Operator maintenance checks.
  • Comply with the Company’s ISO 14001 procedures;
  • Wear health and safety personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times as detailed in the SOP, Spec sheets and as per company policy.
  • Ensure machinery guarding is in place and functions correctly, reporting damaged or faulty guarding or machinery to supervision immediately.
  • Undertake KPS activities.
  • Perform TPM as and when required.

Company Requirements:


  • Promote Health and Safety and escalation of Hazards
  • Work in accordance with the Company’s health and safety and environmental, procedures.
  • Assemble units using the tools, machines and processes supplied in a safe manner, and leave work area in a safe state for others.
  • Maintain good housekeeping within your working areas;
  • Wearing Company issue PPE at all times.


  • The assembly craftsperson is responsible for their quality inspection and compliance in accordance with company standards.
  • Follow the company’s production engineering, quality and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Support PED to maintain and/or improve quality standards.


  • Complete all paperwork as set out above in a timely manner;
  • Reporting any variances/issues in the assembly process to supervision;
  • Quarantine any suspect units to prevent passing suspect units forward to the next stage of assembly or risking potential release of suspect unit to the customer.
  • Supporting the removal of non-value activity

Authority Levels

  • Responsible for training and sign off of assemblers within their area of expertise.
  • Support assemblers in instigating Stop and Go Policy when there is a risk to safety or quality.
  • Escalate issues to supervision as required.
  • Defect parts, pending Quality decision.
  • Contribute to Tool Box talks

Other Relevant Information

Training: IOSH Working Safely, Train the Workplace Trainer, Hydraulic Awareness (NFPC)

In-house PED/Quality/Profitability Training.

As this is a new role the successful candidates will be expected to work with their supervision to help identify potential skills gaps in their own and/or their colleague’s knowledge.

Key Contacts/Relationships

Good communication skills across all relevant support departments such as PED, Application Engineering and Quality, to help with problem solving should an issue arise.